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Stern Tanning CO calfskins are the BEST hides available.


This is an 11"or 10 15/16" - premounted head


Stern tanning produces highest-grade, machine-sanded, calf hides. Stern hides feature precise, even, thickness (for optimum tonal response). These hides are .012 in. thick which is ideal - for high-grade calfskin - in my experience.  These are comparable to the best heads of the bygone era.


I recommend Stern Tanning co calfskin for bluegrass banjos and collectable vintage instruments. These heads have been supplied to numerous top professional pickers and for holy-grail pre-war instruments.  


NOTE: Stern hides are natural (unbleached). This is preferred because chemical whiteners may weaken the hide. Stern calfskins are generally off-white.  But they may exhibit some degree of natural mottling and/or coloration.  Each hide is unique (the appearance will vary).


Stern calfskins may not be stained or oil finished. Wax treatment is included at no extra cost. SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED.


All heads are made-to-order.  The regular lead time is approx. 4-weeks - but may vary.  Please contact me if you have questions about  my current backlog and expected delivery.   

STERN Tanning Co. Premium Calf Skin- 11" size pre-mounted head

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