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I have only one of these left at the moment.  The spots are subtle because the hide is mostly translucent.  It is a NICE hide.  Will make a great head.  But because of the appearance, I'm offering it on SALE  @ $16 off.


I hope to have more on future ordeers from my supplier - so check back soon.....


These SPOTTED / SPECIAL SELECT goat hides are chosen for best quality, appearance, thickness, and texture. They are salt-cured (which yields a cleaner and sturdy skin).


Please specify your preferred hide by number (ie: SPOT 1) in a message accompanying your order.  I will try to keep the selection updated.  But in the case of multiple requests for an individual hide - it will be sold first-come-first-served


SOMETIMES translucent areas become more opaque or off-white during mounting and stretching.  The finished appearance may be a little different than what you see in the images.


NOTE:  I indicated the approximate thickness on each hide.  This is the average of about six (6) measurments around the perimiter.  These hides all have sturdy texture.  So for most banjos - .013in. - .016in. will be ideal.   Above or below that range will be "thin" or Thick" respectively.   If you have questions about suitability for you banjo, please ask. 


The photos are taken in natural light against a wood background.  Nothing was done to enhance them.  Some of the hides have significant tranlucense which make make the color contrast more subtle after mounting.  


The hoop in the photos is 12" o.d - for reference. 


1/8" square -section brass flesh hoop is standard on all heads (optional: upgraded spiral hoop is available for an additional charge).


FREE: Case sticker included. Prices include FREE USA shipping (international postage is added at checkout)



SPOTTED goat hides - SPECIAL Select - Salt Procesed

$115.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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