I really like these VERY SPECIAL - Naturally patterend and very colorful goat hides (not stained).  They are very beautiful! 


These are suitable for any size head - up to 12".  Available first-come-first-served.  


The thickness varies a bit among them.  I have begun noting the thickness (Thin, Med., or Thick) in the photos.  Please ask of you have questions about suitability for your banjo.


Please note - final mounted colors and appearance may vary a little from the photos.  Sometimes they change a little after wetting, stretching, and mounting.  These photos are made on top of a dark oak wood table. Translucent areas may appear darker in these photos.


When ordering - Please specify number (as in the photos).  I will confirm your order and remove the photos as they are sold.  

NATURAL PATTERN Goat Hide pre-mounted head

$110.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price