I have a small supply of very SPECIAL goat hides produced in Jamacia by master banjo builder and artist: JEFF MENZIES.


These are available "first-come-first-served" to be pre-mounted in your choice of 11" or 12" size.


Jeff Menzies' hides are hand-processed, without chemicals or dyes. The color and patterns are 100% natural. Each is unique.  Every one is very attractive!  The thickness will vary somewhat from one to another- but all are very good! They are absent of any visible flaws. Jeff does a great job preparing these skins!


These photos are examples from my current stock. Inquire about the availability of a specific hide - or look that you prefer.  I'll be happy to accomodate if possible. The hoop in the photos is 12" for reference. 

JEFF MENZIES Jamaican Natural Goat hide - premounted - your choice of rim size


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