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These SPECIAL goat hides are produced in Jamacia by master banjo builder and artist: JEFF MENZIES. 


Although Jeff has stopped selling these regularly, he just offered me a limited run of them.  Stock is VERY limited.


Jeff Menzies' hides are hand-processed, without chemicals or dyes. The color and patterns are 100% natural. Each is unique.  Every one is very attractive!  The thickness will vary somewhat from one to another (see notes below)- but all are very good!  


Please specify your preferred hide by number (ie: MENZIES #1) in a message accompanying your order.  I will try to keep the selection updated.  But in the case of multiple requests for an individual hide - it will be sold first-come-first-served


The photos are taken in natural light against a wood background.  Nothing was done to enhance them. 


The hoop in the photos is 12" o.d - for reference. 


1/8" square -section brass flesh hoop is standard on all heads (optional: upgraded spiral hoop is available for an additional charge).


All heads are made-to-order.  The regular lead time is approx. 4-weeks - but may vary.  Please contact me if you have questions about  my current backlog and expected delivery.   


JEFF MENZIES Jamaican Natural Goat hide - pre-mounted head

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