FUZZY (hair-on) goat hide pre-mounted banjo head.

Unshaved natural rawhide - with hair on.


Photos are hides that I have in stock.  Please specify which (number) hide you want.  Some hides may need to be trimmed a little more for fitting. 


Available in standard sizes:



10 15/16" (Vega)

11 13/16" (Vega).


All heads are medium-low crown (to allow for additional stretching over time).  Please contact me if you have special crown height reqirements.

FUZZY (hair-on) Goat Hide

  • FUZZY hides are unshaved. They are natural goat raw-hide with the hair still on (clipped even and short). COLOR and PATTERN VARY WIDELY. Hair mutes the volume somewhat (similar to stuffing inside the rim). The tone is great! Contact me with questions and color preferences (subject to availability).

    Fuzzy Hides are mounted on 1/8" square-section brass flesh hoops. 

    FREE: Case sticker included. Prices include FREE USA shipping (international postage is added at checkout)

    Important: PHOTOS are current stock of unmounted hides.  Please specify which hide you want when ordering. Some hides may need to be trimmed more for final mounting.