ADD ON - Optional Spiral Wound Flesh hoop


NOTE:  This is for an UPGRADE  - added to an order for a pre-mounted head.  It is not intended as a stand-alone flesh hoop.  I don't regularly offer these as independent items (usually only as an upgrade).  If you need a flesh hoop (without the pre-mounted head) please contact me.  Additional postage charges will apply to such orders. 


Available in standard sizes:



10 15/16" (Vega)

11 13/16" (Vega).

ADD ON - Spiral Flesh hoop

  • A Spiral Wound Flesh Hoop may be added to your head (any rim size) - for a small addional charge. 

    Wrapped hoops were traditionally found on some high-end, turn-of-the-century (circa 1890-1900), classic banjos. 

    Made utilizing a fiber wrapping around a 1/8" round-section brass wire hoop.  They look great and improve the grip of the hide around the wire. Spiral wrapped hoops provide an irregular surface for more friction therbey eliminating the sharp edges of a square hoop (which can sometimes cut a hide if not properly "eased").