From time-to-time, I have seconds with small cosmetic blemishes which I may choose to patch (see below). All will sound great and perform very well. When available, these heads are offered for immediate sale - "first-come-first-served" - at bargain prices. I try to keep this site updated - but cannot guarantee availability.


I have two 11" heads available now.  These are very nice - opaque and off-white- goat hides - each with one small patch. 


Regarding patched heads: Occasionally a head will have small cosmetic spot(s) that I may decided to patch by gluing small circle(s) of hide on the underneath side. I have personally used patched hides for years – with no impact on tone or longevity. My guarantee – if one of these heads fails at the patched area, I’ll replace it for an additional charge (equal to the difference between the discounted price paid and the full cost of a new first-quality head).



11" Goat hide - BARGAIN heads / Seconds & Closeouts