These hides are sourced from a new supplier. They are processed with sodium (salt) rather than harsher chemicals. These skins are smooth and clean.


Salt treatment preserves the stiffness and strength of the rawhide.  These are very sturdy with no visible flaws. 


This batch runs thicker than some others (estimate: .016 - .018 in.).  They will be especially good for large rim banjos and to tame a bright instrument. 


I installed one on my Reiter Bacophone-plus.  I like it a lot!


They show great natural color and pattern. Some are translucent.


Available in standard sizes:



10 15/16" (Vega)

11 13/16" (Vega).


Please contact me with any questions about suitability for your banjo.


NEW! salt treated goat hide - premounted head

  • 1/8" square -section brass flesh hoop is standard (upgraded spiral hoop is available for an additional charge).

    FREE: Case sticker included. Prices include FREE USA shipping (international postage is added at checkout)