3-star grade goat hide pre-mounted banjo head.

Natural rawhide (unstained)

Available in standard sizes:



10 15/16" (Vega)

11 13/16" (Vega).


All heads are medium-low crown (to allow for additional stretching over time).  Please contact me if you have special crown height reqirements.

3-star Goat Hide

  • 3-star hides are our basic grade. They are natural goat raw-hide.  May be mostly opaque or have some mottling (translucent areas) . Color is off-white with natural variation. This grade will have more thickness vatiation and may show minor cosmetic flaws.

    Good value! Sounds Great! 

    Heads are hand-sanded for smooth top surface. Renaissance Wax is applied as a protectant.

    1/8" square -section brass flesh hoop is standard (upgraded spiral hoop is available for an additional charge).

    FREE: Case sticker included. Prices include FREE USA shipping (international postage is added at checkout)

    Important: PHOTOS are examples of past (sold) heads. None of the pictured heads are available to order. They are provided to illustrate the range of looks that might be available. Please contact me with any questions or requests.