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Natural (unbleached) goat hide. 


3-star grade ... standard quality. Affordable, reliable and great sounding. 


These are thinner hides (average: .012 - .013" +/-). Thin hides sound responsive and maybe a little brighter than medium & thick.  They may be a little more susceptible to weather (humidity) fluctuations.  The might break more easily - if stressed too much.  But I have thin goat hides on my instruments that have been reliable for a LONG time - and sound great.  I particularly like these on wood rims (Tradesman and others), Dobson tone rings, and vintage, thin-rim, spun-over instruments. 


Natural patterns. Most are mottled with a mix of opaque (off-white) and translucent areas.   Choice of pattern not offered.  


Available to mount in the following sizes:


10 15/16" (Vega & Rickard)


11 13/16" (Vega)


some larger sizes are possible - please inquire before ordering. 


Note:  For an upcharge - a spiral wound flesh hoop can be added (to any head).  That detail looks especially nice with thin hide!

3-star grade - thin - goat hide - premounted head - choice of size

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